Research Team

I am fortunate to work with a fantastic group of people at University of Ljubljana and beyond:

Research Interests

Recent Key Funding/Projects

AgriAdapt - Adaptable Deep Learning for Computer Vision-Based Agriculture (H2020, co-PI, 2023, 80,000 EUR)

CODA - "Context-Aware On-Device Approximate Computing" (ARRS, PI, 2021-2024, 300,000 EUR)

CARMA - "Bringing Resource Efficiency to Smartphones with Approximate Computing" (ARRS, PI, 2020-2022, 200,000 EUR)

Behaviour Biometrics for Authentication in IoT Environments (Joint PhD Programme with European Commission, 2020-2024)

RICERCANDO - Rapid Interpretation and Cross-Experiment Root-Cause Analysis in Network Data with Orange (H2020, co-PI, 2016-2018 150,000 EUR)

AKOS - Feasability study: Crowdsourced measurements mining for Net neutrality violation detection (Industrial, PI, 2018, 20,000 EUR)

Mobile computing for efficient information dissemination in emergency situations (US-Slovenia bilateral project, PI, 2020-2021, 3,000 EUR)


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