Why Should I study/live in Slovenia?

Slovenia is an attractive location reaching into the Alps and the Mediterranean, a European Union member state with a high quality of life and well preserved environment. The capital, Ljubljana, is a charming middle size European city, the European Green Capital 2016, with a lively cultural and academic life.

University of Ljubljana is the best national and a strong regional educational institution ranked among top 500 universities in the world. Faculty of Computer and Information Science (FRI) employs 170 research, teaching and administrative staff and enrolls approximately 1300 undergraduate and graduate students. The Faculty research, funded by EU, national and industry grants, is particularly strong in fields related to Artificial Intelligence, an area traditionally researched by our Faculty since the 1970s. In 2014 the Faculty moved to newly constructed $100 million premises in Ljubljana.

PhD and Internship positions in Approximate Mobile Computing

We have fully-funded positions for highly motivated students interested in approximate mobile computing. More information about the opportunities can be found here.

Master and Diploma thesis topics (for FRI students)

I am highly dedicated in my mentoring and I expect the same level of dedication to work from your side. Please contact me only if you are willing to work on the thesis right away and persistently in the following months. Most of the theses I mentor result in a workshop/conference/journal publication and represent a great way for you to obtain research experience and significantly increase your chances of getting accepted for MS/PhD studies in Slovenia or abroad.

Topics of interest: Please contact me via email, if your interests fall into one or more of the above-listed areas.

Open positions for postdocs

SMASH is a new very attractive programme for postdocs from abroad interested in working in Slovenia. Please read the page and email me, if you which to discuss this opportunity in detail.

In addition, if you are passionate about resource-efficient mobile computing, on-device deep learning, have experience with mobile and/or embedded programming and have a PhD in computer science, please check my recent publications and send me a brief email describing why and how you believe you could work with me. Funding is available for postdoctoral researchers.

Furthermore, highly-motivated postdoctoral candidates who want to apply for EU Marie Sklodowska-Curie actions (MSCA) fellowships are encouraged to contact me. MSCA fellowships are an excellent opportunity for researchers who have recently obtained their PhD to build their independent career. The fellowships are open to any nationals and provide a very generous funding for a research and her/his family to move to Slovenia. The University of Ljubljana provides strong support for crafting a successful MSCA application. Please read the following webpage for more information, and email me (Veljko.Pejovic [at] fri.uni-lj.si) with your CV and a breif ressearch outline if interested.

Advice for potential students and postdocs