The course was held in the spring semester 2015/16 (February).
Due to Dr Pejovic's administrative duties, the course will be taught by Prof. Andrej Brodnik in 2016/17.
Please check the official FRI course syllabus for the information about the Algorithms course in spring 2016/17


This masters level algorithms course aims to refine the algorithmic thinking of a student, moving her/him from an algorithm consumer to an algorithm designer. The project-oriented course structure is tailored to facilitate the transition. The first part of the course focuses on the analysis of algorithm complexity and correctness, amortised and probabilistic analysis, while we later discuss advanced data structures, approximation algorithms, heuristic methods and biologically-inspired computing. The course also introduces computational geometry, and parallel and distributed computing.


Veljko Pejovic
Email: Veljko.Pejovic [at]
Office: 3.15
Office hours: Wednesdays noon-1pm, or by appointment
Veljko Pejovic

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