PhD Studies at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science (FRI), University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

FRI PhD programme provides access to top scientific advisors, cutting-edge courses, brand new research facilities, and lets you choose from a range of research topics for your PhD thesis. If you are considering applying for the PhD studies at FRI and if you are interested in mobile computing, mobile sensing, human-computer interaction, and similar fields, please contact me via email and include your CV in the attachment. More info about the PhD programme can be found in the brochure and PhD studies webpage.

Advice for Future PhD Students

PhD studies require a very high level of self-discipline, motivation and persistence. Unlike with your undergraduate, and to an extent MS studies, no one will pull you into finishing your PhD studies. The work you do is your own accomplishment, and you should take it personally, put a lot of effort and pride into it. Therefore, it is of key importance that you are ready to drive your own research, to demonstrate creativity, but also the ability to manage your resources (time in particular!).

My research is grounded in theory, yet is highly systems oriented. Programming is a crucial skill you need for building mobile systems, but also analysing mobile datasets. You should be proficient in at least one scripting language (e.g. Python) and one object-oriented language (e.g. Java). To understand where the state of the art is in your research field, you need to be able to critically read scientific papers. Expect to read and learn a lot, especially during the first year of your PhD studies. Finally, you will need to show the world your fantastic findings and inventions that will revolutionse the world! You will do that predominantly through scientific publications, so analytical writing in English is another skill you need in order to successfully complete your PhD studies.

Choosing your PhD mentor is one of the most important decisions of your career. If you want to work with me you should read my webpage to get a general feel of my research approach and directions, read a few of my research papers aligned to your interests, and brainstorm a bit about how to extend the state of the art in the field you're interested in. Then, please contact me to discuss more about potential advising in person (or via Skype).

NOTE: Good programming skills are essential for successfully completing a PhD under my mentorship, thus you will be given a programming assignment in order to assess whether you would be a good fit for our research group.

Advice for Future MS and BS Students

I am open for mentoring MS/BS students' dissertations. If you are already at FRI, you can find a list of topics that I proposed for MS/BS theses at MS theses/BS theses. Otherwise, I encourage you to brainstorm about a potential thesis topic that aligns with my research and write me an email stating what you'd like to work on for your thesis and why you want to complete the thesis under my supervision.

Current students and postdocs

Past students/postocs/interns

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